Meet Our Team

Candice Dickens-Russell
Candice Dickens-Russell
Director, Social & Environmental Justice
Candice Dickens-Russell oversees environmental sustainability, education, and justice …
Caroline Quien
Communications Coordinator

Caroline believes every great movement began with a story. After recently graduating from USC with a degree in Film and Television Production,

Chris Hutton
Chris Hutton
Director, Programs Administration

Chris Hutton strives to create positive change, believing strongly in the power of education, advocacy, and philanthropy to drive lasting social impacts.

Christiane Maertens
Christiane Maertens
Christiane Maertens has a palpable love for life. For over 15 years, Christiane (Kris-tee-on-ah Mair-tens) has built values-driven brands …
Denise Jackson
Denise Jackson
Human Capital

Over the past 15 years, Denise has led, and been a part of, the People Operations function in organizations of all sizes.

Dr. Lizabeth Fogel
Vice President, Learning, Strategy and Development

Dr. Lizabeth Fogel is currently the Vice President, Learning, Strategy and Development at DoGoodery, LLC.  Lizabeth has decades of successful experience in learning content,

Headshot of Najuana Lee
Dr. NaJuana Lee
Director, Education
NaJuana Lee is a lifelong learner who believes that an ethic of care in education is a moral imperative, a social responsibility and a pedagogical necessity.
Headshot of Ellah Ronen
Ellah Ronen
Director, Innovation
Ellah Ronen has seen the power public-private partnerships have in making meaningful and lasting impact for the better.
Headshot of Evelyn Guerrero
Evelyn Guerrero
Communications Consultant

Born and raised in South Los Angeles, Evelyn has an affinity for forming connections with people both in the digital realm and IRL.

Headshot of James Parker
James Parker
Creative Consultant
James lives his life with a spirit of adventure. As an international filmmaker and cinematographer, he is passionate about exploring the poignancy of the human experience…
Headshot of Jeanetta Gonzales
Jeanetta Gonzales
Graphic Designer

With 19 years of professional design experience for companies such as WebMD, Mattel and The Disney Store, Jeanetta Gonzales has a holistic approach to design.

Headshot of Jen Marie Del Carpio
Jen Marie Del Carpio
Director, Experiences and Events
Jen Marie Del Carpio brings her natural vibrant energy to everyday life, and that’s just how it is.
Jennifer Kho
Journalism and Information Equity Consultant

With more than 20 years of journalism experience, Jennifer Kho – former managing editor for the Guardian US and HuffPost,

Headshot of Jeremy Oliver-Ronceros
Jeremy Oliver-Ronceros
Manager, Operations
Helping people and creating change has always been an important part of Jeremy’s life.
Juliana Woodruff
Manager, K-12 Education

Juliana has a background in education, a love of science, and understands the importance of developing and nurturing a relationship with nature for youth to encourage new perspectives and compassion for others.

Headshot of Kristen Kunkle
Kristen Kunkle
Director, Programs Strategy & Impact

Kristen Kunkle is an analytical thinker who loves to find joy in unlikely places. With a deep love for nature,

Headshot of Laurie Monserrat
Laurie Monserrat
Digital Accessibility
Laurie Monserrat works to support and promote DoGoodery’s education initiatives, such as the Cal Water H2O Challenge and the UL Innovative Education Award.
Headshot of Lupe Salmeron
Lupe Salmeron
Head of Finance

Lupe is a brilliant CPA who specializes in helping companies thrive by keeping their finances on track and their money growing.

Headshot of Sammy Step
Sammy Step
Manager, Programs and Web
Sammy does whatever she does in the name of building community and connections. After graduating with a degree in Cognitive Science …
Headshot of Sharon Wang
Sharon Wang
Business Advisor

Over the past 15 years, Sharon has led, and been a part of, the headquarter teams across a variety of industries and organization sizes.

Sydney Fujioka
Program Coordinator

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sydney has always loved the marvelous natural spaces of California.

Service dog holding a plastic bag
The Good Dog
Hi, I’m Tyla the Good Dog at DoGoodery. When I’m not opening doors for Laurie or helping on the amazing CalWater H2O Challenge …