It’s essential to solve the information crisis, which impacts all the other societal issues we care deeply about, including environmental sustainability, social equity, education and more.

If you’re a news leader, you’ve got challenges: You may be grappling with how to create a hybrid or remote work culture that’s effective, inclusive and fair, or how to bring more voices and communities into your coverage. Maybe your business is growing rapidly, leaving you overwhelmed by opportunity and an overworked, under-resourced team. Maybe you think more people would be interested in the content you’re creating but don’t know how to find them. Maybe you need to cut costs and prioritize your most essential coverage areas and business activities, or you want to launch new revenue streams but you’re not sure where to start. 

DoGoodery and Jennifer Kho, our VP of journalism and information equity, are here to help. As the former managing editor for the Guardian US and HuffPost, senior director of strategic innovation at HuffPost and founding editor of Greentech Media, Jenn has accumulated a track record of successes in editorial strategy, audience and community building, new revenue models, membership growth and innovation in digital journalism.  Our team offers a one-stop shop for news organizations looking to grow their audience and revenue, build their communities, make their coverage more inclusive and useful, better serve marginalized or underrepresented groups – and find business models that tie their social impact and how well they serve their audiences to their financial sustainability. 

Let us assess where and how you can have the biggest impact, saving you time and money. We know your news organization is unique, and our solutions are never cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all. Our team of experts will take the time to really understand your opportunities, challenges and team dynamics to create your best strategy and roadmap, with your existing resources in mind. Our custom-tailored and holistic approach yields bespoke, realistic solutions that work for you. 

What we offer

Our dream team of consultants has experience tackling all of the top challenges and opportunities facing news organizations today. Don’t waste time and money heading in the wrong direction. Bring in a team of experts – already working together and hand-selected based on your specific needs – to come up with the best plan for your organization and get it done.

We’ve worked with newsrooms to help answer big, complex questions, such as: 

  • What are the most impactful and easiest improvements we can make to our website, newsletters or other digital news products? 
  • What’s the best way to improve our workflow and newsroom processes to avoid duplication and increase our efficiency?
  • What are the most valuable audiences for us to reach and how can we grow those audiences?
  • What are the biggest new revenue opportunities we should chase, and how can we maximize our revenue with the team we have today?
  • How can we realistically build a more representative and inclusive newsroom, and reach and serve more diverse audiences?

Our offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • market research and assessments to identify your best editorial, audience, product and revenue opportunities
  • audience development strategies to engage new and existing audiences, and to build community, membership and audience loyalty
  • brand identity work, including mission and vision statement workshops and strategies to stand out in the market and grow your reputation
  • digital transition work, including newsroom and storytelling innovation and training
  • team structure work, including goal-setting, planning and workflow improvements
  • revenue assessments, including planning, experimentation and execution to grow existing revenue streams and launch new revenue models, including events; sponsorships and branded content; grants and philanthropic funding; subscriptions, donations and membership; affiliate marketing, e-commerce and more
  • diversity, inclusion and equity programs and initiatives to grow newsroom representation, more inclusive coverage and diverse audiences

Who we work with

DoGoodery works with organizations of all kinds – including newsrooms of all shapes and sizes, tech providers, corporations, academic institutions, nonprofits and philanthropic organizations – to help grow journalism and information equity. 

And of course our journalism skills transfer to other types of communication and storytelling projects as well. Our experts are also available for sustainability, social impact and equity storytelling projects beyond news. If your organization is committed to doing good and you have a challenge or opportunity to tap, reach out today to schedule a free initial consultation. 


Jenn Kho is the most impressive and inspiring editor and mentor I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with in my 20-plus year career in journalism. When my colleagues and I launched Canary Media earlier this year, Jenn was kind enough to agree to assist us in our strategic planning. The work began almost immediately. Jenn quickly set up a series of interviews and brainstorming sessions that helped us hash out our organizational structure, identify our target audiences and prioritize key areas of coverage to match our target audiences. She also helped us refine our approach to audience development and engagement, suggesting multiple approaches tested through her own professional experiences and those of her broad network of peers. She led the development of our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy both in terms of audience development and in terms of hiring, and when we needed an outside advisor for our hiring process, introduced us to the perfect candidate. And she’s advised us in our ongoing work on gathering and analyzing the data that we’re using to continually inform and expand our approach to engaging our readers and supporters in a community of shared purpose.”

– Jeff St. John, editor-in-chief of Canary Media
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“Jenn jumped in to help us launch a new website and content strategy for independent makers and artists, including an online store, workshops and classes. She is talented, responsive and fun to work with, both highly strategic and able to execute the work quickly and well, and contributed to our success. It’s so rare to find a leader with such a unique and broad range of skills, along with an infectious enthusiasm and passion for digital strategy. If you’re considering working with Jenn, don’t hesitate.”

– Charlie Wilkie, co-founder of Rock Paper Scissors

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We brought Jenn on to help with a couple of key leadership projects, and I was impressed with her smart, strategic approach to helping us quickly align on our goals and designing a customized process to meet them. She is a creative thinker and executor who can keep both the big picture and details in mind, who is passionate about saving and growing journalism and who enjoys tackling challenges spanning editorial, audience, revenue and innovation. She’s a natural problem solver and a trustworthy partner who knows how to get things done, and I’d recommend her without reservation.”

– Danny Feingold, founder and publisher of Capital & Main

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“Jennifer Kho has served as a senior advisor to RMI-affiliate Canary Media, a climate newsroom and website, since our launch earlier this year – and her contribution to the company is significant. I’m grateful to have had her journalism experience and newsroom organization skills as part of our early-stage media outfit. Jennifer provided leadership in audience development and content strategy and guided us in matters of diversity and hiring. She was also a welcome voice of calm and reason in a busy startup environment.”

– Eric Wesoff, managing editor of Canary Media

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