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The Roundtable’s ambitious campaign to fundamentally rethink how we work towards an equitable food system and tackle chronic food insecurity in Los Angeles County is nearing the end of its two-year pilot cycle. The Roundtable published its comprehensive strategic action plan (which was written and designed by DoGoodery) in December 2022, based on input from than 200 community-based organizations and 100-plus food system experts nationwide. The strategic plan includes clearly defined initiatives, milestones, and outcome-driven goals. It features a combination of initiatives that can be implemented in the short term while identifying policy changes to drive systematic improvement to address food insecurity among all in need.

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Among its accomplishments:

  • Identified more than 50 key measures that need to be taken to improve food access and build a more resilient food system throughout L.A. County
  • Determined 14 priority population segments that are disproportionately more vulnerable to food insecurity, from immigrant to transgender communities
  • Identified opportunities to reduce food waste, enable food recovery, and support local and sustainable businesses in the food supply chain
  • Analyzed mobility and transportation barriers to food security and reviewed best practices deployed in other regions to enhance transit access
  • Explored technology and data solutions to modernize outdated food systems, such as a University of Southern California-led portal to map all food-related resources and “last-mile” support services in underserved L.A. County neighborhoods


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