Chloe Osborne


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“Be like a sunflower and turn to the light whenever possible”


• Brand Development
• Enterprise Communications
• Political Advocacy & Government Affairs
• Research & Strategic Planning


Chloe Osborne is the Manager of Communications at DoGoodery where she is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of all internal communications strategies. She also works across departments to oversee the creation of content materials for DG’s portfolio of clients.

Prior to joining the DoGoodery team, Chloe served in several roles for Strategos Group Public Affairs, a national consultancy which deploys market intelligence to advance communications, business development, and government advocacy campaigns across the Education, Healthcare, and Technology sectors. From Legislative Intern, to Associate, to finally Marketing Coordinator, Chloe spent nearly 4 years developing a passion for education and communications while growing as a leader within her organization.

Throughout 2018, Chloe gained rich experience in the environmental advocacy sector while serving Rethink Energy Florida, a 501(c)(3) educational charity founded in 2010, and ReThink Energy Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) social welfare advocacy organization founded in 2016. As Legislative Lobbying Coordinator for the 501(c)(4), she directly engaged the Florida legislature in furthering environmental initiatives while also serving the 501(c)(3) in order to host town hall events across the state to allow for public presentations from aspiring local candidates for office.

Chloe holds a Juris Masters degree from the FSU College of Law and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science & Policy from Florida State University.

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