DoGoodery Programming

Ideate, Create, Execute


Using your desired impact as our North Star, we’ll work together to refine your unique value proposition and map evidence-based strategies to get there.

  • Discovery: Deep dive into your mission, key audiences, past efforts, program needs and goals
  • Formative research: Field scan of similar or related efforts + literature review of proven impact strategies to achieve similar or related outcomes + oppositional research
  • Strategic planning: Developing objectives, key performance indicators, and benchmarks; mapping timelines, deliverables, and logistical/capacity considerations


Grounded in our ideation blueprint, we’ll work with you to design the key elements of your program and create a detailed work plan to bring it to life.

  • Program development:  identifying inputs and outputs, designing program structure, mapping + streamlining timelines, budgets, and essential logistics
  • Partner + collaborator coordination:  connecting you to the right people and places to expand reach and deepen impact
  • Communication + outreach:  crafting messaging, mapping outreach plans, coordinating campaign strategies, designing creative elements (logos, artwork, branding, web design)


Let our team fuel your success with day-to-day support. Working together, we’ll keep your program running smoothly and reach its full potential.

  • Program + project management:  implementing program work plans and managing day-to-day program logistics and operational needs
  • Vendor + partnership management:  coordinating communications and ongoing collaborations
  • Marketing + content distribution:  executing communication and outreach plans, including copywriting (social media, email, web, press releases), collateral circulation, event planning, creative storytelling (video production, featurettes, creative marketing)
  • Evaluation + adaptive management:  using continual evaluation and revisions, we’ll work with you to grow and pivot as the program evolves.


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