Andrew L. Wing

Chairman, Interpret


Andy is a seasoned global senior executive (CEO, Chairman, Board Member, Adviser, Partner) whose experiences spans Financial Services (Deloitte, American Express and Cantor Fitzgerald), Consumer Packaged Goods (Avon Products), Media & Entertainment/Information Services (Nielsen Entertainment, Hollywood Stock Exchange, Interpret, NRG, SoundScan) and Digital Agency Services (SCS, Fuel Industries). In addition, Andy has acquired companies as well as made investments in technology platforms (Augmented Reality, Hospitality, Advertising, Mobile Applications, eSports, Robotics), information and consulting services, social media, digital agency services, quick service restaurants and media & entertainment.

As an operating executive, Andy has overseen organizations across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. He has negotiated deals in each of these regions across multiple industries including, but not limited to, media & entertainment, professional sports leagues/individual teams, QSRs and in partnership with Cantor Fitzgerald, securing the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) approval for movie box office futures as a tradable commodity.

Mr. Wing currently sits on the investment committees of HaasPortman and Panda Investments.

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