Jeanetta Gonzalez

Graphic Designer


With 19 years of professional design experience for companies such as WebMD, Mattel and The Disney Store, Jeanetta Gonzales has a holistic approach to design. Whether she’s designing Barbie packaging, textile designs or corporate logos, she sees design as a means of storytelling and communicating a brand’s personality. She also designs with the importance of brand equity and consumer trends in mind. She currently runs her multidisciplinary studio in LA specializing in branding, art direction, packaging, illustration and surface design. Jeanetta is also an accomplished artist who licenses her vibrant and playful designs to be used on products sold in major retailers such as HomeGoods, CVS and Her expertise in art and design has led her to speaking at creative conferences, teaching at art local art colleges, writing for industry magazines and blogs and providing career and art mentoring for artists.

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