Dr. Lizabeth Fogel

Vice President
Learning, Strategy,
& Development


  • Partnership Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Media Literacy
  • Network Development
  • 21st Century Learning Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • PreK-12 + Adult Curriculum Development
  • Media Wraparound Content Development


Dr. Lizabeth Fogel is a highly accomplished and ambitious executive whose products and programs have inspired millions of children and families across the world. Working as an educator for decades and then at large organizations like The Walt Disney Company and USC, she grew her skills at managing complex situations while employing creative and flexible thinking processes to develop innovative and engaging content and experience.

A proven leader and collaborator, she has grown partnerships and alliances while recognizing and leveraging the unique working styles, processes, and problem-solving skills of the individuals that make up diverse teams.

A listener, learner, and strategic thinker, Lizabeth has nurtured her relationships, identified opportunities, and made connections across multiple business sectors to drive strategic, meaningful, and measurable change in the field of learning. Over the last decade she has sat on many boards and is currently on the boards of Participate Learning, Makematic, and is the current Board Chair for the American Camp Association.

Areas of Involvement

Learn, Engage, Act, Grow

Ideate, Create, Execute

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