Kristen Kunkle

Headshot of Kristen Kunkle

Kristen Kunkle is an analytical thinker who loves to find joy in unlikely places. With a deep love for nature,

Jen Marie Del Carpio

Headshot of Jen Marie Del Carpio

Jen Marie Del Carpio brings her natural vibrant energy to everyday life, and that’s just how it is.

James Parker

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James lives his life with a spirit of adventure. As an international filmmaker and cinematographer, he is passionate about exploring the poignancy of the human experience…

Evelyn Guerrero

Headshot of Evelyn Guerrero

Born and raised in South Los Angeles, Evelyn has an affinity for forming connections with people both in the digital realm and IRL.

Denise Jackson

Denise Jackson

Over the past 15 years, Denise has led, and been a part of, the People Operations function in organizations of all sizes.

Chris Hutton

Chris Hutton

Chris Hutton strives to create positive change, believing strongly in the power of education, advocacy, and philanthropy to drive lasting social impacts.

Christiane Maertens

Christiane Maertens

Christiane Maertens has a palpable love for life. For over 15 years, Christiane (Kris-tee-on-ah Mair-tens) has built values-driven brands …

Caroline Quien

Caroline believes every great movement began with a story. After recently graduating from USC with a degree in Film and Television Production,