Caroline Quien

Communications Coordinator

“The past is always tense, the future perfect.” -Zadie Smith

Caroline believes every great movement began with a story. After recently graduating from USC with a degree in Film and Television Production, she is transitioning into her career as a screenwriter while interning at DoGoodery. Graduating during a global pandemic often leaves her at a loss for words, even as a writer. But adversity has never stopped her, and this uncertainty only drives her more to bring about change and hope in her community. After obtaining an associate degree in political science from Ventura College, Caroline followed her dreams and transferred to USC. She is passionate about telling stories that inspire and promote positive change, and agrees the personal is political. As a creative writer, she hopes to drive societal movements while engaging with others.

While she is first and foremost a storyteller, she hopes to support social impact through all facets of media. Before interning at DoGoodery, she was a research assistant at USC Rossier Center for Engagement-Driven Education. While at the center, she helped implement the arts and entertainment into global education. Having come from a long line of Los Angeles educators- both her parents, grandfathers, and grandmother (who helped establish the LA teachers’ union), Caroline is passionate about supporting public education while enriching it through the arts.

At DoGoodery, Caroline brings to the table her creative writing skills and can-do attitude. As a filmmaker, she is used to wearing many hats and can adapt and support any project that needs her. From assisting with research, to promoting projects, Caroline is focused on supporting the DoGoodery team.

When Caroline is not supporting the work at DoGoodery, she is consuming (bingeing) on all types of media: from TikToks, to documentaries, to hit series. She loves creative writing, yoga, and her fourteen-year-old beagle, Riley.