Christiane Maertens


“Clear eyes, full hearts. Can’t lose!”

Christiane Maertens has a palpable love for life. For over 15 years, Christiane (Kris-tee-on-ah Mair-tens) has built values-driven brands that create positive social impact on a global scale.

Christiane is the founder of DoGoodery, a social impact agency for change makers where doing good is about making this world a tangibly better place for all. They work with bold leaders who go beyond their everyday stories and live into their legendary purpose.

Maertens helped lead the design of the first corporate social responsibility portfolio for The Walt Disney Company. Her global marketing and education initiatives engaged 2,000 schools, 75,000 students and mobilized millions of viewers to take social actions around the world.

In the nonprofit sector, Maertens served as the Deputy Director of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). She built a professional team that leads the largest and most diverse environmental education network in the world, including 60,000 educators and 56 affiliate organizations in more than 30 countries.

As a storyteller for our times, Maertens delivers truth with her trademark moxie and optimism. She was named a National Geographic Explorer for her original podcast Imagine If. This series inspires young leaders to find resilience in responding to the climate crisis. Within two months, this popular podcast had attracted over 4,000 subscribers. She also traveled all over North America to capture stories of young engineers with breakthrough solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges.

Christiane is an outdoor adventurer, horseback rider, overly enthusiastic to get on an airplane, always thinking about her next meal, and loves building community. She was born in Los Angeles to immigrant parents from El Salvador and Germany.

Christiane Maertens