Jen Marie Del Carpio

Director, Experiences and Events

“What we know matters, but who we are matters more.”
– Brené Brown

Jen Marie Del Carpio brings her natural vibrant energy to everyday life, and that’s just how it is. Jen Marie (one of those two-name-first-name people) is known for her optimistic outlook, her relentless dedication, and as previously mentioned provides energy to every room she steps in – hoping it becomes contagious.

With all this instilled in her, she uses it as her fuel when envisioning and creating new plans in her commitment to deliver an upcoming special and memorable experience. For the past 13 years, Jen Marie has produced hundreds of events throughout the world, varied in scope and size all with the same goal – to exceed expectations. Her color coated detail-oriented to-do lists and her trademark event binders are her tools for success. Her signature work tells a story from beginning to end, with the intention of leaving an everlasting impression.

As the Director of Experiences and Events, Jen Marie is responsible for the overall planning and strategy for live or virtual meetings and events for DoGoodery. In addition, she oversees and ensures that the all-around experience of the client and guest is of exceptional quality and high-level performance.

Prior to joining DoGoodery, she was the former Director of Events for Creative Artists Agency (CAA), where she led a team for all internal, exclusive and marquee events globally. Before her time at CAA, Jen Marie’s event skills ignited over a decade of producing events at The Walt Disney Company. At the latter of her time at the Mouse House, she was a Senior Event Producer serving the Corporate level, as well as executing exclusive events for the ever magical D23: Official Disney Fan Club.

With planning as her passion, Jen Marie and her husband love to host small and large parties at their home. When they are not hosting, you can find them on the weekends buzzing around their beloved Los Angeles, venturing to find the new as well as celebrate the legacy of the city. Jen Marie strongly believes in good health and to move your body and exercise…every… single… day. She is convinced that endorphins are better than coffee, spinach goes with everything and that quinoa is indeed delicious on its own. She was born in Orange County, to immigrant parents from La Paz, Bolivia.

Headshot of Jen Marie Del Carpio