Dr. NaJuana Lee

Director, Education

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. -Albert Einstein

NaJuana Lee is a lifelong learner who believes that an ethic of care in education is a moral imperative, a social responsibility and a pedagogical necessity. NaJuana (Nancy + Juan pronounced NAH WAH-nuh) has over a decade of education experience designing engaging and innovative learning solutions for both secondary and post-secondary learners. As the Director of Education at DoGoodery, NaJuana analyzes learners’ needs and aligns them to defined learning objectives. She believes in building the learning framework, content and program around learners’ prior knowledge and interests to develop meaningful, engaged and impactful learning.For over a decade, NaJuana worked as a Subject Matter Expert, developing curriculum and content for the Walt Disney Company. While in the role of Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Georgia, she joined a team of professors developing educational games and content for Disney’s Club Penguin and Disney’s Connected Learning. On this team, she collaboratively develop the #2 ranked learning game of all time for Club Penguin, Pufflescape, which had over 80,000,000 plays its introductory year. She has also worked with the DisneyNature team to create interdisciplinary educators’ guides for the past 12 years. These guides were used in both formal and informal learning spaces with an impact worldwide. Over 500,000 teachers globally downloaded and utilized these educator guides.

NaJuana’s dissertation, and the subsequent publications, focused on transformative art education pedagogy as a means of addressing implicit and explicit racism in educational settings. The research investigated the influence of arts learning on the malleability of art educator’s racial attitudes and its impact on their cultural understanding in the classroom. She is the recipient of numerous academic and national awards including the prestigious Dissertation Completion Fellowship Award and the Excellence in Research Award from the University of Georgia.

In her free time you can find NaJuana fishing with her husband, gardening, cooking or playing with their dogs, Pickles and Pepper.

Headshot of Najuana Lee